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Having a problem with pests in your house or real estate? No need to worry as Hollywood Florida Pest Control service can take care of this problem and make your home free-of-pests! This company is recognized and one of the most desired in NYC! Your job is to call them and explain your problems and they will arrive on your location at the desired time! They use the most proficient and up-to-date equipment so no bug will survive their siege and cleaning control!

The professional service with top-notch equipment

The-professional-serviceThe company offers most up-to-date and professional equipment that will put under control your pests that invaded the home. This includes the use of PCO equipment like sprayers, aerosols, fogging, dust and modular systems that will make your home clean and fresh. As one of the biggest problems are termites at the moment, you can count on Series 400 termite kit with all nozzles, pipes and valves, which is the advantage as they can set up the equipment according to the soil type.

The kit includes tanks, sprayers, heavy-duty foggers and the test of equipment. This is especially useful when working with “traditional” types of real estates where the ground level is not “isolated” which leaves space for termites to invade from the below.

You can also opt for installing the professional Fast Catch Station that utilizes the traps/baits that are activated when the pest enters the perimeter. The best thing about this station is that can be used both in an indoor and outdoor environment. As an addition, the service offers insect monitors, traps and flu-control products like matrix light traps and glueboards.

Free on-site examination

Free-on-site-examinationUpon agreeing to hire their service, the service arrives at your location and performs the free-on-site examination. This feature is available in other services as well, but is the subject of additional charge. Hollywood Florida Pest Control gives you the full flexibility and a chance to trust them, as this professional pest control company never had any negative feedback. They do perform the inspection of soil, estate and every other thing that needs to be inspected before taking the appropriate actions and the actual cleaning and exterminating.

Once they inspect the whole place and make sure they identify the sources and the colonies of pests, they offer you the custom-tailored solution. This means they will take into consideration your activity, position of the house, the potential places where the colonies could form again and presents you the final price.

Free price estimation

The final price comes after the company does a check-up and identifies the problems. You are not required to pay for any of these check-ups and on-site examinations, as this is their form of customer support. Once you agree with their final statement and you agree to pay an agreed price, they start the action. They will secure everything and make sure that no single pest escapes the extermination program. You pay after you are satisfied with the service and you have no negative feedback on their work and service!

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